Edge of the Empire

Beyond the Rim: Episode I

The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

Running out of credits, the crew of the Twilight drifts through space looking for their next job. The ship’s pilot, Krallet, receives a holo message from an associate of his that loaned him the credits to buy the ship they’re in. In the message Reom says that he has a way for them to make some money and possibly pay off some of the debt owed on Krallet’s ship. Krallet recently botched a smuggling job for Reom though so he’s not too eager tobe around him. Oola, Serious and Vella are eager to make some credits though and convince Krallet to make the hyperspace jump to the Wheel to meet up with Reom.


Once our party is on the Wheel they meet up with Reom in the IsoTech office. He tells them that he received a hyperspace message pod that was intended for his deceased father, Ropok. The message pod is a distress call from the Sa Nalaor, a separatist ship that was lost at the end of the Clone Wars. It’s rumored that the ship held vast amounts of treasure, but Reom is most interested in the possibility that the ship was carrying advanced cybernetics technology.

The party and Reom come to an agreement that they will search for the ship on Cholganna based off the location information contained in the message pod. A droid called Eyetee-Three is to accompany them. The droid once belonged to Ropok and was familiar with Captain Rel Harsol of the Sa Naloar – if there are any survivors, Eyetee-Three will be able to vouch for the group as being with IsoTech. The droid will be delivered in eight hours and then the party is to depart.

Time is passed by shopping for supplies, gathering information in cantinas and a little gambling. As time goes on it becomes apparent that word of renewed interest in the Sa Nalaor is spreading. While in the hangar, Serious discovers a repair droid attempting to fix a homing beacon to their ship. It runs off but drops the beacon. Serious tries to find anything about the beacon that he can but isn’t able to determine its origin.

The crew receives the call they’ve been waiting for. Shira informs them that Eyetee-Three will be arriving in five minutes. Fifteen minutes go by and the droid still hasn’t arrived. They try to reach Reom on the com and get no response. Fearing something has gone wrong, Vella, Krallet and Oola head to the IsoTech office. They find it’s been ransacked with even the secretary droid trashed. They begin to drag the droid back to the ship hoping that Serious can retrieve data on what happened in the offices. As they turn the corner into the main corridor leading to the hangar bays they run into a problem – a droid matching the description of Eyetee-Three is strapped to a gravsled being escorted by five armed Rodians…


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