Edge of the Empire

Beyond the Rim: Episode I - Part II

The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

Krallet, Vella and Oola Rha drop the damaged CZ series droid they are carrying when they see Eyetee-Three being abducted by the five Rodians. The droidnappers, led by a Rodian with a cybernetic eye, notice the party and wave their blasters at them as they push their wave through the crowded corridor. A firefight breaks out and Oola manages to blast the Rodian driving the gravsled who slumps forward into the controls causing the gravsled to take off out of control down the corridor.

Vella gives chase as the crowd starts running wildly for cover, caught between the Rodians and our heroes exchanging blaster fire. Krallet makes a beeline for their ship to prep it for what is probably going to be a quick take off. Serious sticks with the ship until Krallet gets there, then he heads out of the hangar to help with recovering Eyetee-Three.


While trying to jump into the drivers seat of the gravsled, the lead Rodian accidentally knocks the steering controls and sends it careening into the wall. Vella is closing on him quickly as Oola lays down fire taking out the other two Rodian thugs. Once Serious gets into the corridor he notices that CZ-13 has been abandoned in the hallway. He’s unable to just leave the droid as scrap and runs to her to see if he can recover her. She’s just too heavy for him though so he settles with using his amazing skills to remove her memory to access later.

It’s about this time that Wheel security shouts for everyone to cease fire and stay where they are. Rather than try to talk their way out of this one, the group runs for the hangar bay doors. Serious tries overriding the doors controls as Oola yells for Vella to get EyeTee-Three into the hangar. Just as Wheel security draws close enough to fire their blasters, Vella and Eyetee-Three make it through the hangar door as it slides shut and Serious enables the computer locks on it.

They rush to get into the Twilight and Krallet takes off just as the hangar doors start to close. As they race away from the wheel they notice a YT-2400 being chased by two Z-95 Headhunters. It looks like they’re not quite out of trouble yet. It’ll take them a couple minutes to get clear of the heavy space traffic around the Wheel to be able to make a jump to hyperspace and two headhunters just showed up on their sensors chasing them. The Headhunters fire warning shots and order them to turn around. Oola and Vella take up the guns as Krallet maneuvers and tries to lose them. A few well placed shots from the Twilight’s turrets make quick work of the Headhunters though, leaving nothing but scrap behind as the stars fade into their periphery and hyperspace fills their view.

Party XP Award: 25


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